Thursday, November 18, 2010

Make Easy Photo Collages with Picasa

Sorry if I'm sounding like an ad for Google lately (they're not paying me), but I decided I want to make a photo collage of people who inspire me. Having a Windows machine, naturally unfriendly to every interesting even remotely "art" or design-y sort of project (so Apple says) I fired up Picasa, Google's free photo editing/organization software. It has a handy built in collage feature, with very Mac-like polished results. Once in collage creation mode, it's fairly easy to select which pictures you'd like to include from your library (Picasa automatically scans your hard drive for photos and indexes them). From there you have a lot of control over how you'd like the photos to appear. I went with the "Picture Pile" mode, which, coincidentally, "looks like a pile of scattered pictures". Here's what I came up with:
 I realize it's very andro-and-white-centered, and I recognize those limitations. Also, I don't necessarily agree with the philosophies or actions of everyone depicted. I selected them, rather quickly and off the top of my head, because they are people whose genius I respect and whose ability to be super-productive and work very hard at what they do with more or less successful results I wish to emulate. Who would be in your inspiring photo collage? Have a great Thursday everyone!

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