Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's All About You, Faithful Readers!

Hello, thank you for visiting. This isn't so much a new entry as it is a desperate (okay not so desperate) plea for your comments and questions. I want to know what you'd like me to write about! Is there anything I've already written on that you'd like to hear more of? Do you have other random questions you'd like me to try to address?

What would make this blog more user-friendly, to you (the user)? What would keep you coming back and make you subscribe?

Unbelievably, I actually want to write about what interests other people, and not just myself, so any feedback you have would be most appreciated.

In the meantime, keep it real, and thanks in advance for your comments/questions.



    In all seriousness, I'd like to know why you call your blog "It isn't easy being me -- Come see." Let's get right to the core of your Adamness.

  2. Ah Jim, so Naive! Thank you for commenting. I actually sort of addressed this in a post dated last October, which you can find here: . However, if that doesn't adequately explain the core of my being, I would be happy to write more. Thanks for visiting, I enjoy your blog as well!

  3. Please write about spaceships then.