Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chapel Happenings

I went to the Princeton University Chapel to sit and to write. It's a place where I lose myself in grandeur and mystery, in quiet and thunderous noise from the organ. I was there not two minutes, when bursting into the silence, the organ began to play "Amazing Grace".

Here's what the OED says about the etymology of "providence": "God as exercising prescient and beneficent power and direction (second half of the 15th cent. or earlier; rare before the late 17th cent.) and its etymon classical Latin providentia power of seeing in advance, foresight, forethought, provision, power who or which exercises prescient and beneficent power and direction, in post-classical Latin also foreknowing and beneficent care and government of God (early 3rd cent.), purveyance, supply (from 13th cent. in British sources)"
That is all.

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