Monday, March 23, 2009

A Penchant for Penchant

I was looking around last night at the seminary used book sale for an opportunity to "ruffle some feathers". So I went to the philosophy table and kept asking, "who is plato?" Then I went to the theology table and asked "who is Karl BARTH (rhymes with Garth, Wayne's World)". That sure showed them.

In Narnia it is always winter but never Christmas, which for some children is horrible. But not if you're a Jewish skier.

The decision of whether or not to eat cookie dough inevitably comes down to what you love more: chocolate and sugar or blood in stool resulting from salmonella food poisoning.

Sorry to engage in some "chronological snobbery," but who ever EVER thought blood letting was a good idea? Yes I know about balancing the "humours" or what not. What I mean is that when you see someone, o, in a battle let's say, bleeding profusely, and this culminates in their speedy death, might the idea be to keep that red stuff inside you?

I can't help but turn 24 on Sunday. More ruminations on said topic to follow.

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