Monday, October 4, 2010

Seeing Stars

Saturday night I had the unique pleasure of seeing Stars live. For those of you not woefully familiar with the indie music scene, they are a band and not incandescent glowing plasma light years away. My fellow concert-goers and I arrived early enough to be within spittle distance (from them, not us!) of the band. Soon the room filled in and began to reek of PBR, cigarettes, and hipster BO. It was just so ironic in there. Anyway, the opening band was not bad, and then Stars came out and rocked everyone's world. I forgot how much I love going to concerts. Yes they are loud and crowded and you have to stand for hours (at the good ones anyway). But it's really hard to get as lost and as forgetful of the particulars of one's existence as at a great live show. Like the best bands, Stars invested us in the emotional journey expressed in their songs. They even got "political" and played an audio sample of someone's speech- not sure who- that came down hard on the "industrial military complex". The lead female vocalist even made a passing remark about "those damn bloggers" or some sort, after which I knew I had to write something up. In all it was a great show, and we left crunching on trampled cans and tripping on empty bottles. Thanks, Stars, for a memorable evening.

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